Who We Are

With 20+ years of digital marketing experience collectively, and results that speak for themselves, we strive to deliver new ideas and other marketing added-values to push the limits of what your business can achieve.

Itai Levitan, Co-Founder & Owner


With a rich history of entrepreneurship, Itai has vast expertise in startups, online marketing, business opportunity evaluation and innovation. Previous to 4Bridge Itai co-founded Seperia (formerly Easynet), a profitable performance marketing agency, served as a partner in AfterDownload.com (acquired by Iron Source, www.ironsrc.com/)  and co-founded Inside3DP.com.

With a BA in computer science and MBA graduate (Distinction) of the Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship, Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia. Itai's specialties are opportunity evaluation, mentorship, team building and online marketing. Outside of work, Itai's hobbies include Blitz (fast) chess, poker, skiing, music and laughing.

Lior Lanir, Managing Partner


Born and raised in Israel (and the US), Lior spent 7 years managing multi million dollar projects in the real estate sector. Once he realized that this wasn’t what he wanted to do, he set out into the big bad world of entrepreneurship, combining his love of travel with his extensive knowledge of creative yet commercially focused strategies. Lior's unwavering commitment to delivery of high quality results for businesses across all sectors continues to drive 4Bridge towards excellence.

Lior has a Masters degree in GIS and Urban Development from Ben-Gurion University. Outside of work, he spends a disproportionate amount of his time obsessing over his beloved Liverpool FC and running Football Stadiums 360°, when he's not fantasizing about an exotic holiday, that is.  


White Flux Productions


Founded in Damascus, Syria in 2015 by a group of young artists, like many other Syrians, the group was forced to leave the country seeking better conditions. Now based in Berlin, and following several invitations to prestigious film festivals, White Flux have joined forces with 4Bridge and are now taking care of some video content creation and production in a truly "it's a small world" and an "only in Berlin" kind of multi culti mix.

Corin Rotaru, Co-Founder & Owner


Before teaming up with 4Bridge, Corin was a marketing director and business development manager in the telecommunication industry at Icom Australia, Nokia Israel and Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute. She holds a masters of business marketing from Swinburne University, Melbourne and doing a doctorate in international business at Bradford University, UK.