Our Mission

The Israel Ministry of Tourism works to promote Israel as a travel destination and as a resource for those interested in traveling to Israel. Over the past few years, Israel has become a top international travel destination. After launching a number of international sites called GoIsrael,  The Israeli Ministry of Tourism asked us to create an Influencer marketing video campaign to raise awareness of Tel Aviv specifically and Israel in general as a budget destination within the European budget travel sector. 


What We Did

We invited 3 influential bloggers with a combined following of 184,000 people to visit Israel and see how much fun they can have in Tel Aviv on 69€ a day budget. In addition we came up with "fun facts" about Israel to highlight the great diversity and many offerings of the country. Video content was produced and highly engaging quality content was created and shared by bloggers. 

The Results

  • 82,000 Viral Shares
  • 12 Blog Posts
  • 25,000 New Followers

Key among our targets for this campaign was securing a reach in the millions, with coverage across as many relevant sources as possible. Leveraging our relationship with many of the leading bloggers, we secured coverage on 56 individual websites, Covering a wide range of interests, this activity generated an incredible 3,157,240 opportunities to see.  The produced videos were highly effective and viral reaching audiences in 120 countries - The success of the campaign was noted widely on the leading Israeli news outlets.