Our Mission

CW Real Estate Partners is one of the fastest growing full service asset managing firms in Germany. This boutique firm enables the purchase of great apartments focusing on the Berlin market. Specializing in delivering an end product from purchase to renting out a furnished flat and utilizing a network of real estate agents, lawyers, and financial consultants, CW manage the entire process. To assist with CW`s growth, our mission was to significantly increase the size of it's marketing database and to raise brand awareness to perspective clients. 


What We Did

For CW Real Estate Partners, in order to achieve the best possible outcome, we proposed to collect highly targeted quality audience contact data combined with increasing traffic through social media in order to grow and support their ongoing marketing and sales activities.  

…4Bridge has managed to significantly increase the size of our marketing database, particularly among those with a targeted interest in the Berlin real estate market

The Results

  • 6,800 Verified Leads
  • 13,000 Clicks
  • 240,000 Total Reach

With the collection of qualified emails and telephone numbers and emails integral to the success of the campaign, we crafted an on-brand, interactive application designed to sit within CW's homepage. Offering users the chance to win a tour of Berlin, our app captured the contact details and interests of 6,800 potential customers, achieving a total reach of 240,000. In addition Social Media ads were created , targeting our desired demographic and resulting in huge surge of traffic to the CW website. In total, our ads achieved 240,000 impressions and an average CTR of 4.32% (compared to an industry average of 0.57%).